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Since forming in 1976, Dick Pelland and his associates have been maintaining, tuning and rebuilding pipe organs in  New England. From our first large contract in 1982 until the present we have twenty-five major rebuilds and hundreds of smaller repair jobs under our collective belts. About a dozen rebuilds have also included "sampled pipe voice" technology but all of these "hybrid"instruments retain their original characteristics as complete pipe organs.

In 2007, we were approached by Johannus Orgelbouw of the Netherlands, to consider using their complete Monarke pipe organ control systems, as well as their unique real-time pipe sampling technology in our rebuilds. It is our pleasure and priviledge to offer these to you for your next project. In addition we offer the complete line of Johannus and Monarke pipeless organs, custom designed and arranged whether for your living room or a cathedral.
Church Instrument Contractors, LLC

Prior to becoming a Johannus dealer, Rich Calusine participated in a family business since 1996 which repairs and tunes both electronic and pipe organs, installs digital augmentation on pipe organs, and custom work related to organs in general. Johannus Orgelbouw invited Rich to consider Monarke for pipe organ augmentation, which ultimately resulted in his representing Johannus in CT for all Johannus products. 

Prior to his career in organ maintenance - and now sales & installation - Rich spent 30 years in various aspects of electronics, systems, and project management, and has been a life-long musician for private enjoyment. Rich combines a keen ear and an appreciation for pipe organ sound with a technological background.
The Johannus New England website is the collaboration of Pelland Organ Company, LLC and Church Instrument Contractors, LLC, providing Johannus sales, installation and service throughout New England and adjacent parts of New York. 
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