What is Monarke?

Monarke is any one of four possibilities:

1. A complete custom organ
2. Augmentation of an existing pipe organ with digital ranks.
3. A digital control system for an existing pipe organ console
4. A replacement console for a pipe organ, with or without adding digital  ranks.

Regardless of how Monarke is applied, it is state-of-the-art technology and provides the absolute highest quality of pipe sounds available.

Monarke digital pipe voices employ the longest pipe samples and greatest amount of audio channels and speakers that can be found in any digital-sampled organ.

The key to optimum "pipe presence" is in how many seperate sound sources are available. Obviously the theoretical maximum would be one speaker per pipe. However, besides being impractical in cost (just get a real pipe organ!) today's technology in audio processing and speaker quality makes this unecessary. The rule is to use one audio channel per two or three pipe voices, depending on the stops involved. The use of any more channels than this simply doesn't make any difference detectable by the human ear. Some custom Monarke instruments employ as many as 96 audio channels.

The above links will bring you to more detailed discussions on any of the  Monarke possiblities in which you may  be interested.