Monarke Digital Ranks for Pipe Organs

You're fortunate to be an organist with a pipe organ but....

...all your fellow organist aquaintances "out-rank" you, literally. It sure would be sweet if that old 6-rank Estey had an oboe or trumpet, or a mixture. And maybe some more oompf at the pedal end.  But the reality of not having space to add ranks, even if the budget allowed (what budget?) keeps this organ remaining as another unremarkable entry on the Organ Historical Society  list. We are to be grateful it hasn't been decommissioned and hauled away in pieces.

This problem is exactly what Monarke digital rank augmentation is meant to solve!

For a significantly lower cost compared to adding real pipe ranks, you can have that reed, mixture and a 16' pedal. How much less? Enough to make it affordable at all.

Maybe your oboe or trumpet regretfully do not hold no matter what you have done to them. Replacing them with a digital rank will give you delightful results and you'll never need any more maintenance. Best of all is that can now use them for a change.

Maybe you have an 8' reed, string or flute rank not supported by a corresponding pedal rank. Now you can have one (or more).

Monarke digital ranks interface with existing controls, keying and stops. If you already have a someone who maintains your organ we work with them as first preference and professional courtesy. If you do not have someone in that capacity, we are experienced in performing the detailed work neccessary to ensure the organ's aesthetics are preserved when adding draw knobs or other controls that may be part of the enhancement.

We would be pleased to inspect your installation, discuss the possiblities, and provide a quote.

Stop wishing - there is a solution