The Sound

Johannus uses digital recordings from the finest Baroque and French pipe organs in Europe and American pipe organs. For optimum reproduction these recordings are not contaminated by any proprietary computer processing, which is a common approach among digital organ builders. Therefore you are hearing the purest possible playback of real pipe sounds. A particularly important result for the discriminating organist's ear is that Johannus organs do not have a "signature" sound unique to Johannus. A Johannus in the Romantic mode sounds like a well-appointed American pipe organ, and not a "Johannus playing Romantic". A Johannus playing the French Cavaille-Colle sounds like a Cavaille-Colle pipe organ, and not a Johannus organ playing in the French intonation. 

For those favoring the "Bach organ" or baroque sound, the Netherlands' proximity to the home of the baroque organ means that appreciation and understanding of the voicing is inherent with Johannus organ builders.

For more technical information and discussion about this Johannus Advantage, please contact your nearest Johannus dealer.

The Price

Johannus sells organs in 80 countries, and is in a position to observe that its competitor's dealers in America charge significantly more than their counterparts throughout the world. And this is after equalizing for monetary exchange rates and regional economic levels. Johannus' philosophy is to maintain fair and reasonable pricing relative to the factory cost, and urges its dealers to honor this philosophy. Johannus New England agrees and is pleased to accommodate. The quoted price of a Johannus organ does not go up according to the wealth of a customer. The result is that more American churches can now afford a new Johannus organ, or purchase "more Johannus organ" for a comparably priced competitor's instrument.